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Masterclass for Activists

Aug 16, 2020

Episode 3 Strategy for Success discusses how to design and execute a winning strategy.

In this episode, our host Emeritus Professor Ed Davis is joined by Sally McManus (Secretary, Australian Council of Trade Unions), Bill Kelty AC (former Secretary, Australian Council of Trade Unions) and Tom McDonald AM (former...

Jul 6, 2020

To realise the goal of a fairer society by developing a counter-strategy to neoliberalism, we first need to analyse neoliberalism and be able to explain it to working people.

Episode 2 Neoliberalism and a New Deal unpacks the strategy of neoliberalism to wind back workers’ rights and living standards and weaken our...

Jul 6, 2020

Episode 1 Hearts and Minds discusses values, their place and role in driving change, how to counter right-wing populists and shock jocks, and how to win the support of working people for the cause of building a fairer Australia.

Values are not only the bedrock of progressive movements but are also an anchor for every...