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Masterclass for Activists

Jul 6, 2020

Episode 1 Hearts and Minds discusses values, their place and role in driving change, how to counter right-wing populists and shock jocks, and how to win the support of working people for the cause of building a fairer Australia.

Values are not only the bedrock of progressive movements but are also an anchor for every activist that sees you through the tough times by providing a framework for decisions and actions.

We can counter right-wing populists and win the hearts of minds of working people to support the cause of building a fairer Australia when we frame our message and tell stories that draw out our values of solidarity, social justice and fairness.

In this episode, our host Emeritus Professor Ed Davis is joined by Sally McManus (Secretary, Australian Council of Trade Unions), Jo Schofield (National President, United Workers Union) and revered union elder Tom McDonald (former National Secretary, Building Workers Industrial Union).

Listeners will also hear Chloe and Jason Roweth perform music that had inspired activists across the generations. Find out more about the Roweth's music here.

This podcast has been produced by Deliberately Engaging in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to build the capabilities of civil society and give people a greater voice. Learn more here.

This podcast series has been made possible by the support Professor Davis, the Committee to Defend Trade Unions Rights, Tony and Nina Bleasdale, Chloe and Jason Roweth, Sally McManus and all our guests who appear during the series.

The Ballad of 1891 (Words by Helen Palmer, Music by Doreen Bridges).