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Masterclass for Activists

Dec 30, 2021

Warning: This episode includes a story about workplace deaths and suicide.

History has been changed by building power, and there’s power in drawing upon the lessons of history. This podcast discusses power, what it is, why it’s important to analyse and understand it, and how to build it.

In this episode, our host Emeritus Professor Ed Davis is joined by Michele O’Neil  (President, Australian Council of Trade Unions), Michael Kaine (National Secretary, Transport Workers Union), Nadine Flood (former National Secretary, Community and Pubic Sector Union) and Tom McDonald (former National Secretary, Building Workers Industrial Union and ACTU Vice President).

Listeners are also in for another treat from Chloe and Jason Roweth, whose songs of struggle have inspired activists across the generations. In this episode they perform The Green Ban Fusiliers (words by Denis Kevans to the traditional tune McAlpine’s Fusiliers. Find out more about the Roweths’ music here.

This podcast series has been produced by Deliberately Engaging in support of the UN Sustainable Development Goals to build the capabilities of civil society and give people a greater voice. Learn more about the UN Goals and our podcasts here.

The series has been made possible by the support of the Committee to Defend Trade Unions Rights, Tony and Nina Bleasdale, our discussants, and musicians.